About Medd Coffee


Starting in 2015 we established our role as the first specialty coffee house in the Western Region. This enabled us to pioneer and set the standard for an industry that is brewing rapidly across the Kingdom. Our vision is to remain at the forefront of what it means to experience a local coffee house in Saudi Arabia. By leveraging on the values that sustained our success we aspire to remain that destination, which always
inspires communities, cultures and creative spirits with a meaningful experience, a grounded location and a delicious cup of coffee.



At Medd Cafe & Roastery, we roast our own beans in-house, enabling us to brew and provide fresh coffee with its full aromatic taste and flavour all year round. Our beans come from various regions across the coffee belt – Latin American, East Asia, Africa, and Southern Arabia – carrying with them the unique flavours of their lands.


We’re socially conscious. Medd’s mission is to build long-term trade partnerships that are economically just and sound, to foster mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers; and to demonstrate, through our success: a successful example of local and international community collaboration, and of fair trade and socially sustainable business models.

Our community Medd’s team of baristas is fully local, with ages ranging from 18 - 28. We offer full time jobs and part time jobs for Jeddah’s youth, and ensure satisfactory wages that allow them to sustain themselves and support their quality of life and satisfaction. Our vision from the start was to plant the seeds of discipline and dedication in our youth, offering them a place where they can grow, both professionally and socially. Medd provides a great opportunity for community engagement through daily interaction with Jeddah’s local artists, entrepreneurs, business owners, writers, doctors, etc.