About Us

We are a specialty coffee house and roastery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, established in 2015 as the first specialty coffee house in our city. We proudly source our beans from organic fair-trade farms from several regions across the coffee belt. We believe that the best coffee is ethical coffee; starting from the crop to bean, to cup. In Medd, the roasted coffee should score 80 and above, aiming to provide a beautifully flavorful and clean cup of coffee every time. Cafe culture all around the world always tells the tales of its people. In cafes, people gather for a conversation, discussion, for love, for work, or some moments of solitude with a good cup of coffee. Therefore, Medd paved the way for this cafe culture in Jeddah, when the third-wave coffee culture was not yet established. Coffee has been a great adventure for us, meeting the farmers and walking the fertile earth that makes all this possible. Many serendipitous moments of discovery and challenges have brought us beans from Indonesia, Yemen, Ethiopia, and Latin America. We offer our respect and love for their coffee by always working towards the perfection of the bean.